Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Freakin Love The Summer!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey lee. i am a huge fan and have been following your work for a while now. i know you're gonna reach great heights!

i have a grooming question. i notice you're very free with your body and there are a lot of shots of you with raised arms showing off your underarm hair. are you ever shy/ self-concious about that?

i think it looks extremely masculine but nowadays a lot of models are trimming or even shaving their armpits completely. what are your views on that?

thanks for a great blog!

LeeKholafai said...

haha na i dont really worry about my underarm hair lol. I think someone should do whatever they feel like works for them or makes them feel more comfortable. Thanks 4 the nice words.
Take Care-

Anonymous said...

thanks for your response, lee! you have a great attitude and spirit. it really sets you apart from the rest.

i think your underarm hair is your trademark! lol! i notice in 90% of your shots you are showing it off. it looks healthy and thick and very masculine. would you ever shave it for a job if requested by a photographer or client?

also is your torso naturally smooth? or do you shave it?

mag said...

im mag 23 ,i couldnt find anywhere to send u messege so im writing in comment,im intrested in knowing u because i found u energetic and fun :) this is my id: me_electrifyin@yahoo.com leave me ims so we catch up later.tnx