Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Backstage 4 a Lifetime commercial!!!

So yea i just finished up a commercial 4 the Lifetime Movie Network! Im basically just shirtless playing a violin with an audience in front of me as well as a orchestra behind me with  a conductor. The point of the commercial is 2 say that  the type of guy that watches Lifetime is classy, goodlooking, and intelligent. Soooo i guess me playing the violin shirtless was suppose 2 portray that lol. 
P.S. learning to play the violin in ten mins was def interesting and i have a new respect for all violin players because its def not as easy as it looks : )


BreakTheSilence said...

Nice Lee! you look hootttt. :)
I have a question, i read somewhere that you wear contacts, is that true? if so, you NEED TO/MUST post some pictures of you wearing glasses, because me and a few people were talking about how amazingly sexy you would look in them!!!

zeroro said...

if you take part in model competition,
i think you will play a great job too!
all the best to you
and your buddy Jonathan Waud

PoshChic said...

your tooo conceited i think!